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The semi hollow seat offers good support and guidance from the rider pool , while restricting the mobility of the center of gravity of one and a maximum close contact.



The 2GS half deep seat saddle is an evolution of the first fiber carbon sport saddle, the 2G. The construction of the fiber carbon in the saddle tree perfectly adapts the saddle to the horses morphology when they are in action. The carbon fibers allow a very precise transmission of the information.  It is said to be  the saddles "reactivity". These fibers adapt to the constraints that the saddle is subjected to during extreme use. The half deep seat allows an optimum close contact, a real comfort and a good pelvis orientation for the rider as well as ensuring the correct centre of gravity.

The quality of the leather, which is from the best French tanneries, the innovative design and the exceptional workmanship make CWD the leading international saddlery brand.

Exceptional performance - Exceptional quality.

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