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Penny Stevenson is New Zealand's only authorised agent of CWD Saddlery.


Saddles – Show jumping saddles (various styles), single flap cross country saddles, dressage and flat seat showhunter saddles. See more

Breastplates – Adjustable bridge breastplates (ideal for eventing and show jumping), fixed-to-girth straps (for a perfect hold, they also remove pressure from your horse’s wither while freeing its shoulders). (Link to Products Page)

Boots – The “soft boot” system, front and back tendon boots, buckle front, Velcro, sheepskin lined. Half-high hind boots (which encourage your horse to use its back end over a fence). (Link to Products Page)

All saddlery items are available in different sizes, shapes and fittings to help ensure the best fit for you and your horse.

Grain calf leather is used for the saddles.  The packing in the saddles is foam, sourced from the same suppliers as the Air Bus aeroplanes.  This is a non memory foam that doesn’t pack down and maintains its flex year after year.  This type of packing enables the saddle to fit all different types and shapes of horses.

The saddle tree is made from beech wood and metal, with flexible tree points made of polyurethane.  This creates more flex for the horses shoulders when they are jumping. CWD is the only French brand to do this.

CWD is one of the most preferred saddlery brands and is used by most top international show jump riders. The CWD presence can be seen at all the major international competitions.