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Penny Stevenson a accredited level three coach


Penny is an accredited level three coach and a New Zealand Equestrian Federation accredited coach.

She is a regular visitor to the major international show jumping competitions in Europe (Including European and World Championships and the Olympic Games) This ensures Penny is always exposed to and up to date with current training methods and techniques.

Penny coaches show jumping throughout New Zealand, conducting clinics and taking private and group lessons.  She has also coached in many other countries, including Japan, New Caledonia and the Philippines.

Penny has a large number of regular students who train with her at Chestnut Glade.

Riders from other countries base with Penny at Chestnut Glade.  Horses are provided for riders to train and compete with. They have daily training and compete at several shows during their stay. Excellent results have been achieved through this totally hands-on experience.

All aspects of the training and showing are taken care of i.e. lease of horses, transport to shows, training during the show and debriefing.  Care of the horse and good horsemanship procedures are taught.

For the past four years, teams of up to 10 riders from New Caledonia come to Chestnut Glade for training and competition and the students have enjoyed tremendous success jumping at their respective levels.

Penny has also accompanied her New Zealand representative students to various countries to assist them when they are competing for their country.